No fee for photo shoots

Pay when you use photos

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We do not charge for shooting. We will get the pictures ready after the shoot and upload them into our secure customer only server. You will pay only when you use them.

We have two types of offering.

Per usage fee

  • This is ideal for customers who want to use photo one time either for a website or for some print media solution.
  • Only specified version of the image will be provided. For example, if you need a photo for website we will give you a JPEG image¬† of size 900 px x 600px.
  • If you want to use the same photo for some other purpose you have to order it again. For example, you would like to use the same photo for your brochure and want the file in TIFF format, you will have to buy the photo again.
  • Copy right of photos will be retained by us.

Outright buying with no royalty

  • With this offering, you will get image in the required format plus raw & psd files.
  • You are free to use it anywhere you like.
  • We will keep limited copy right for our portfolio purposes.


No. of PhotosPer Usage Per Photo Fee in CADOutright purchase Per Photo in CAD
1 to 9 Photos$49$99
10 to 25 Photos$24$69
26 to 100 Photos$15$49
More than 100 PhotosPl contactPl contact