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Pay when you use photos

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Architectural Photography

If you are a builder or an architect or an interior decorator, our photography will enhance your work. Our photographs have been used for websites, printed pubicity materials and photo murals. Please try our services once. We will prove ourselves. Since we do not charge assignment fee, you have nothing to lose.

  • Photo shoots are done at locations any where in Greater Toronto Area, ON, Canada.
  • For other locations, we will charge travel and hotel costs on actual basis.
  • If you have specific rquirement we will shoot as per that. Othwerwise, we will shoot photos from 3 to 4 angles.
  • All photos will be uploaded on our website within 48 hours.
  • After viewing the photos please select the photos you would like to purchase, required format and size.
  • Finished photos will be ready for download within 48 hrs after we receive the payments.